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Connecting through Vipassana meditation for the Indian millennial market.

Connecting through Vipassana meditation for the Indian millennial market.

A device helping spiritual practise and creating real human connection through Vipassana meditation, technology and engaging the senses. Designed for the Indian millennial to share their practise together, even when apart.

The future of rooftop farming

The future of rooftop farming

A community rooftop farming service for future cities. Reconnecting urban residents with the environment through a focus on education, growing food and creating clean air and energy.

William Rolph

The environmental crisis is the most important challenge we face today. Creativity and design play an important role in finding solutions and creating sustainable products, systems and services. I am dedicated to contributing to the global effort for positive change and a sustainable future.

My project utilises national parks as carbon sinks while creating a sustainable conservation system which is fuelled by people being outside and active within nature. This system is based around a cooking and social hub which produces Biochar, a stable form of carbon. This can then be stored in ground, removing it from the carbon cycle and therefore offsetting carbon in the atmosphere. Applying microbial science and conservation the highly porous, carbon rich char can be inoculated with indigenous microorganisms. This means burying the charged carbon also plays an important role in rebuilding and promoting soil health within the parks. The product engages the user through cooking and social activity while educating them about carbon issues and circular system. By exploring and supporting the park, enjoying the outdoors and ultimately using the device they are able to contribute to real sustainable change which aggregated across users creates a meaningful impact, protecting key areas of natural beauty and the wider environment.


co-founder - Two Fields Zakros

Feb 18 - July 18

Creative Direction - adidas