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Pilot study into the effectiveness of VR in the design process. Participants use VR to manipulate a 3D model comparing it to standard CAD solutions commonly used today.

Tom Wheeldon

My final year focus has been around human-computer interaction. I believe with the advancements in computational power it is growing increasingly important to focus on how we interact with these systems, improving how we use them as tools to further human development.

I am a creative, innovative, and adaptive person. I like to create simple and effective solutions to problems by using skills acquired and enhanced through university and professional experience. My main interest lies in technology. With design I think it is important to look beyond the problem. Being able to see the big picture. I try to question as much as possible. I want to carry this into the workplace helping to bolster a design ethos improving products and services that will in turn improve peoples everyday lives.


'19 Diploma in Professional Studies

September 2017 - September 2018