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It uses A.I. to assist its user in daily tasks such as to arrange meetings, automate the household and search the web.

Tom Abbot-Davies

My final year project uses a combination of audio and visual cues to sooth the user into a state of meditative relaxation to inducing sleep.

I am a young and ambitions Industrial designer with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for all things design. During my time at Loughborough University, I have had the opportunity to get involved in a diverse set of projects, expand my abilities and mature as a designer. My core strengths are in creative thinking, design visualisation and finding creative solutions to problems. I am constantly trying to evolve and develop as a designer as I believe that the design education process never truly ends. Thus, I never intend to stop learning and finding ways to improve my craft. I am always trying to pick up new skills, find sources of inspiration and learn new techniques. During my placement year, I had the privilege of splitting my year and working for two design consultancies for 6 months each. The first being Jacob Jensen Design in Denmark and the second being Slim Design in Amsterdam. The time I spent working in Industry was the educational experience of a lifetime and a fantastic introduction in the Industry I aspire to be a part of.


Diploma of Professional Studies


I've additionally had the opportunity to work for companies such Tom Dixon Design, Yoo Design, Retrouvius design and EAR Yoshino

August/2017 - July/2018

Jacob Jensen & Slim Design