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Sam Rowbotham

Since the days of Monet and Renoir, the traditional artist's easel has seen little change. My final year project seeks to address issues faced by the Plein Air artist and provide a stylish, yet functional solution. For Panasonic Design Week, we were tasked with identifying a gap in the Indian market and creating a product that aligns with Panasonic's core values. A contemporary, social item of furniture and manufacture chain was designed to meet the needs of the young, modern consumer whilst maintaining India's rich, artisan heritage.

Having a broad range of interests, the previous year took me to both Trondheim and Berlin. The first, taking part in the ERASMUS program, to enable me to focus on NTNU's woodworking module and Architectural Light and Colour. The latter, to work at an interactive design agency in Berlin - SinnerSchrader Swipe (Accenture Interactive). I feel it is important to pursue all areas of interest and not restrict yourself creatively to one specific practice and skill-set defined by an institution. I look forward to entering the world as a designer maker and being able to draw on experiences to influence decisions in my work.


'17 Diploma in International Studies


ACK Aviation (Parts manufacturer)

Feb '19 - July '19

SinnerSchrader Swipe Berlin