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Sam Rogers

Product Design and Technology

Sam Rogers

I grew up making pyrotechnics and radio controlled aircraft. I've been fortunate to have time during university to focus on rocket propulsion technology which has interested me since I was 6 years old. I gain most satisfaction from systems with high functionality density or with high impulse and think these should be designed so that their aesthetic matches their performance.

Model aircraft and drones have been long term interests of mine. I have designed, test flown and crashed various model aircraft types. I have built and fired a variety of additive manufactured rocket and turbojet engine systems. One of my core competencies is CAD design, optimised from the ground up for additive manufacture in metal and polymer. I'm also a Jet Suit pilot due to my work with Gravity Industries. To infinity and beyond ~ Buzz Lightyear


'19 Diploma In Professional Studies '17 Professional Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot


British Airways Aircraft Maintenance - Hangar 6 Gatwick

August 2017 - July 2018

Applications Engineer at 3T RPD