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FLEX - Wireless Charging and Body Adhesion

FLEX - Wireless Charging and Body Adhesion

The adhesive layer on the flexible base of Flex allows for a secure fit to the body whilst in use however a gentle release whilst removing. It can be cleaned and air dried to regain it's adhesiveness, making it reusable before needing to be replaced. The induction charger also functions as a storage box that protects the adhesive from contaminants whilst not in use.

Sophie Lonsdale

I am an enthusiastic designer who aims to design products that deliver a great user experience; with a particular interest in additive manufacturing technologies.

Although I have developed a wide range of design skills, my key strengths are CAD and design for manufacture. Throughout my placement year at Foster Refrigerator, projects had a key focus on ensuring components were not only easy to make, but also fit with the other parts in the assembly. This has been a good skill to develop and bring through to my subsequent projects. I like to follow a practical approach to design with rapid development through iterative prototyping of key features. Computer Aided Modelling (CAD) has been a core tool used in my design process and something that I enjoy spending the time to refine and perfect. Using both solid and surfacing techniques, I can confidently generate complex geometry which can then be exported for rapid prototyping. Outside of design I am always trying to develop different skills. As a badminton player, it is almost impossible to play the perfect game; which always gives you something that you can take away and learn from. As I continue through my career as a designer, I aim to continue expanding my designers toolkit. I have a particular interest in innovations in additive manufacturing and how they can impact not only the design process, but also how products can be mass manufactured.


'17, O2 UX 'Smart Cities' Shortlist '19 Diploma in Professional Studies

08/17 - 08/18

Foster Refrigerator - Development Engineer