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Baileys AreoPress Machine

Baileys AreoPress Machine

Combining mechanical and electrical knowledge creating the Baileys AeroPress Machine utilising the AeroPress method of production for coffee with as little user interaction as possible.

Nick Phelps

Using a hydroponic system and smart LED lighting the product encourages children to eat healthily by allowing them to easily produce satisfying yields of vegetation within a home environment. Through the experience of seeing plants grow children will understand the process in which healthy food is produced and want to try the yield they have worked towards.

Product design at Loughborough offered a variety of key skills such as CAD, sketching, prototyping and electro-mechanical design, also having completed a successful year in industry which helped me develop myself both in a professional environment and as a product designer. I am looking to further my business knowledge and experience to pursue a career in global manufacturing and product design.


'19 Diploma in Professional Studies '17 Squash Ball Launcher Competition Winner


'16 Design School - Peer Mentor

September 2017 - September 2018

Troax Lee Manufacturing Ltd. - R&D / Design Coordinator