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The canopy provides dappled shade by day and atmospheric lighting by night. Solar cells on its surface make it self sufficient. A few light dependant resistors enable the canopy to rotate and follow the sun across the sky to maximise efficiency. There is also a charging port, useful for items such as speakers or phones.

Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising

Another project from my placement year at Inca Creative. Development of a wooden framed visual merchandising plot for the Westfield John Lewis home ware department.

Automated AeroPress

Automated AeroPress

A collaborative project to automate using an AeroPress. A linear actuator pushes coffee into a mug which then rotates to be topped up with a shot of Baileys.

Natasha Fairclough

I’m particularly interested in sustainability, as well as taking inspiration from nature.

My final year project involves bridging the gap between digital and traditional sketching methods by providing interactive, visual guides through paper. Visual, as opposed to physical guides allow the development of muscle memory. Many design students are not confident sketching, this product aims to encourage traditional pen on paper sketching, leading to the quick and successfully capture and communication of ideas. At Inca Creative I worked on many projects from concept to installation. I had to rapidly develop my technical design skills as there was a real need for the designs to be structurally sound. I’m committed to have a career combining creativity with thorough technical understanding. I also aim to always continue learning.


'19 Diploma in Professional Studies


'17 Design School - Student Committee

July 2017 - July 2018

'18 Inca Creative - Junior Designer