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Megan Smith

Throughout my time studying Product Design and Technology at Loughborough I have learnt a wide range of skills, which I have applied to my University work and work completed during my internship. The nostalgic aroma game, designed as part of my final year design project, uses a fan to diffuse different scents. The product aims to evoke memories in users and encourage them to discuss their memories and experiences.

The work completed at Loughborough has allowed me to explore multiple areas of design, from sketching and model making to electronics and mechanics. During my time as a Product Design intern at The Hug group, I was able to gain valuable experience. Using the skills learnt at University, I worked on real life projects, with my designs being manufactured using 3D printing and then put on the market. Work was completed on a variety of tasks, including posters and flyers for exhibitions and 3D CAD modelling I wish to continue in design after I graduate, with UI/UX being a field that interests me. I hope that the work I have completed at Loughborough and during my internship will allow me to grow as a designer.


Product Design intern at The Hug Group Aug '18 - March '19