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Prototyping for Design - 1. Ergonomic and 2. Functional prototypes

Prototyping for Design - 1. Ergonomic and 2. Functional prototypes

1. A 3D printed ergonomic model was made to test different handle combinations and controller tether range. User testing was conducted during a live regatta proving the unobtrusive nature of the camera system. 2. A fully functional, QR Code reading, camera interface was designed and programmed on a Raspberry Pi. The housing allowed the prototype to be powered directly from an embedded battery pack with a 7 inch touch-screen display mounted on top. A simple user interface and various python scripts provide full evidence of functionality and user interaction.

Live Projects - Moss, Small space living

Live Projects - Moss, Small space living

Designed in 7 days, Moss is a system of products that work together to dehumidify and purify air in small space living environments. User research showed a need to virtually separate the different living areas, the most important being the cooking and living. Moss utilises GM moss, algae and UV light as a natural biological filter for the home with easy maintenance and silent operation.

Design Week - Freesian, Smart Bathroom

Design Week - Freesian, Smart Bathroom

Freesian towel rail and dehumidifier system uses AI to learn showering routines to manage the levels of humidity in private bathrooms and prepares hot towels for the user when they are needed. An efficient, artistic installation for the high-end market.

Max Hearnden

Loughborough Design School provided me with the tools to realise my potential as a designer. I know what it means to work hard at something whilst having the poise to implement creative thinking in a pressured environment.

My work has always reflected my passions, opinions and motivations. I have always been an all rounder throughout my education and I'm really looking forward to specialising in a design team with big ideas and ambitions.


'19 Diploma in Professional Studies

May 2017 - May 2018

I gained a 12 month placement at ESP Fitness, a world leading manufacturer of Functional Fitness equipment. Within the role of 3D concept designer I had direct contact with clients and was mostly involved in designing the layout of facilities and producing visuals of new concepts and products.