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Matthew Carr

Industrial Design and Technology

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A hybrid interface system allows users to navigate the device using the multimedia-knob and capacitive buttons, or with conventional touch screen technology.

Matthew Carr

If Loughborough Design School has provided me with any one clear vision for my work, it is to seek out the simplest solutions to the biggest problems. In an age where loneliness and isolation is becoming increasingly more damaging to society, nowhere can this be found more commonly than in the elderly population. That is why I decided to dedicate my final year design project towards increasing the quality of life of those who are most in need.

As a young man, I have always been a real extrovert and incredibly driven, finding great joy amongst peers, but particularly, in front of them. During my sixth form education, I joined the Oxford union debating team which came naturally to me. Through this, I began to emerge as a confident public speaker, encouraging me to seek out and eventually become elected as head boy. I then followed this trend into university, soon being elected vice chair of my hall in my first year, followed by being elected onto the union affairs committee as well as becoming hall chair. My time at Diageo found me thrown in at the deep end, where I was forced to quickly adapt to my highly flexible and independent role. With the other members of the design team spending much of their time travelling, I was often the chief adviser for design decisions around the office. Having done much of my schooling whilst living alone, I was already highly autonomous and self motivated, which helped me to capitalise on the freedom and trust that my seniors had placed in me. Overall, without sounding too cliché, I consider myself to be highly motivated and absolutely determined to succeed in everything that I do.


'18 Diploma in Professional Studies


We Are Snook Ltd - Youth Ambassador

July 2017 - July 2018

Diageo Plc - Design Intern