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Safe Water is a personal home swimming pool monitor, keeping track of your pool data to keep both the pool and the users safe.

Max Benning-Batstone

Over 90% of the world's coral reefs will die by 2050, and an estimated 40% are already dead. My final year product aims to solve this issue by providing a efficient way for users to grow coral in their homes, that in turn is then taken and replanted back onto our reefs.

I am a versatile designer with a great passion for learning new skills. In my work I strive for perfection through a simplistic clean solution that seamlessly combines the form and function. I am a curious person who is always willing to expand my knowledge in everything I do, both design and non-design related. Having a broad skill set and a hands on approach to my design work, I am able to explore all stages of the design process, which ensures I produce the best possible outcome. Being adaptable, open-minded and a great team player allows me to be able to work with people from an array of disciplines. In the future I am aiming for a career that will allow me to explore endless opportunities and give me the the chance to expand my knowledge and learn new skills.


'18 Diploma in International Studies


Erasmus Exchange - TU Delft, The Netherlands

02/2018 - 06/2018

The LEGO Group