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RENA A Cooperative Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

RENA A Cooperative Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Rena is a smart robotic vacuum cleaner that can empty itself in a purpose designed smart peddle bin without the need for a human. The Rena also comes with a handheld vacuum cleaner under it's lid so the device can "ask" for help from it's owner in order to reach those areas where the robot cannot reach.

ASHA Attack and Panic Button Hub

ASHA Attack and Panic Button Hub

The Asha is a Anti-Attack and Panic Button Home Hub for women India. The word Asha translates into desire, wish or hope. This powerful word is connected to the ash tree to symbolise protectiveness. The Panasonic Asha provides a key role in the protection of sexual attack victims in India and aims to provide awareness and support.

Leyland Clowsley

I am impassioned about British Industry and Manufacturing, with an innovative mindset and ambitious ethos, I always eagerly anticipate the next challenge.

I have so far acquired a sound overall knowledge of leading-edge design principles, tools and practices with an emphasis on developing mechanical systems. This has largely stemmed from my internship at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and ABB Robotics. This reinforced my already technical aptitude and inventive mindset. Additionally, I strive to supplement my engineering proficiencies with directorial aptitude to achieve seniority throughout my career path. I have previously pushed into this area by undertaking CSR, M&A, Strategic Management and Corporate Finance courses at my time at NTNU, Norway on my Erasmus exchange. Upon graduating there will be a requisite to supplement my existing creative & technical skill set with managerial expertise however. Partaking in various extracurricular activities has allowed me to develop my social and communicational skill set. At Loughborough, I have been prominent members of the Sprinting and Horse Polo teams. My career target has long been to develop into a Production Supervisor or Manufacturing Manager type role as this will help me to engineer the expansion and growth of industry. This in turn would be applied to focus my own enterprises at a later date, as I have always wished to start my own manufacturing business.


'18 Diploma in International Studies '19 Shortlisted for the Leicestershire Live Innovation Young Innovator of the Year Award


ERASMUS Exchange Student at the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU), Norway

Feburary 2018 - July 2018

Research & Development Intern at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory