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Core - Speaker

Core - Speaker

Improving the user's opinion toward the exercise product, Core utilises a secondary speaker function to allow the user to play music when not in use.

Luma - Interactive lamp

Luma - Interactive lamp

Ensuring better social connections for new university students, to improve their university experience and reduce chances of experiencing loneliness.



Giving students support and encouragement to socially interact with others through a connected system provided by universities.

Liam Bembridge

Exercise product for elderly users that incorporates Tai chi and standardised therapy techniques to improve overall strength to prevent falls. Reducing sedentary behaviour through gamification of exercise, using music as a stimulus to motivate.

I've always been curious to how things work, with a background in woodwork and my interest in art, I have always been able to think quickly in a practical way. Using my abilities as a designer and a maker I am able to create solutions for users problems and work with them to develop a product that is practical and benefits them.


'19 Nominee for RSA Design Awards '16 Silver commendation for Starpack awards


Worked with my grandad from a young age, teaching me his knowledge from a career in woodwork and using these skills to help those around me.

7/17 - 6/18

Internship at LEGO. Focusing mainly on functions and improving the quality of play for children as well as concept creation and model making.