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004 - Initial sketch exploration

004 - Initial sketch exploration

Quick sketch development for what would eventually become APEX.

005 - Case development

005 - Case development

Exploration of how the final case would look.

006 - Device profile

006 - Device profile

The final form of the APEX device without the case.

James Hadley

Hello. Im James. My final year project explores roadside screening for alcohol and narcotics. Rethinking how current testing takes place and challenging the technology used. The current police toolkit for roadside screening of alcohol and narcotics is extensive. Multiple devices, single use disposables, swabs and numerous test kits are required to cover the ever increasing spectrum of illegal substances. The project proposal utilises photoplethysmogram signals in a new approach to screening capable of combining both alcohol and narcotic detection into a single, compact and portable platform.

My time at Loughborough has been spent acquiring, developing and putting into practice the designers skill set we all know and rely upon with an added passion for a dirty prototype. This said, I’m always looking to expand it. Learn new things. Challenge new ideas, but perhaps more importantly, seek new challenges. It is this that is my main strength. I’m always looking for a new opportunity. It’s this drive that took me to Asia for 12 months on placement as a part of a global product design consultancy. Based out of Bangkok Thailand I formed part of a small yet dynamic product design team engaged as both a team player and lead designer over a wide range of project fields. The experience has left me hungry for a new and equally challenging role within the world of design, wherever that may be.


'19 Diploma In Professional Studies

06/17 - 07/18