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Cranky ball thrower

Cranky ball thrower

In this purely mechanical squash ball launcher, the ball is propelled by the fast-spinning rubber-padded flywheels which are driven by a crank through a 1:29 ratio compound gear train.

3D-printed garment steamer wall mount

3D-printed garment steamer wall mount

A 3D-printed wall mount for a handheld garment steamer that includes a cable tidy. The Voronoi structure was generated in Grasshopper 3D.

Hoyin Kwok

With a focus on safety, this portable device enables outdoor goers to actively eliminate attacking mosquitoes without employing chemicals and high voltages. When targeted, mosquitoes are guided by the generated airflow into a sticky collection chamber, which can be ejected to clean out the captured insects.

As somewhat of a hybrid between an industrial designer and design engineer, Hoyin strives to create beautiful forms and is guided by his curiosity in intricate mechanisms. With experience in designing and CAD modelling complex surfaces and production-ready parts, he is confident to take on projects that are aesthetically-focused or technical in nature. Hoyin is always eager to develop new skills in a team to advance their creative endeavours.


'16 Loughborough University - Academic Excellence Prize '14 SolidWorks 3D Design Contest - Winner '14 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow - First runner-up '13 IGCSE Design & Technology - Top in Hong Kong


'15 Hong Kong Association of the Deaf - Tutor for hearing-impaired children

July 2017 - July 2018

PDD (London) - Technical Design Intern