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50% of paramedics suffer from musculoskeletal back pain on a regular basis. Vertebra is a smart stretcher that uses an automatic levelling system to ensure the stretcher is kept flat.

Hugo Franklin

I am an ambitious and passionate designer who enjoys working on products from their early definition through to engineering detailing.

Having worked in the industry for a year, I feel as if I have the expertise and passion to help companies prosper. My one-year professional placement with Princess Yachts has provided me with extensive work experience in an office environment and a manufacturing industry. I have gained various skills and feel comfortable working amongst many different departments from designers to production teams. I am hoping to enter full-time employment at the end of my undergraduate studies and will seize the opportunity to share my skills and ideas, whilst developing myself as a designer.


'19 Diploma in Professional Studies


'13 Bentley Design (Furniture)

June 2017 - July 2018

'18 Princess Yachts - Designer