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Custom Tandem

Custom Tandem

The most elite of all 2-person-pedal-powered automobiles.

Wildlife Photography - Juvenile Fox

Wildlife Photography - Juvenile Fox

Whilst studying design, I've also been actively pursuing photography - primarily wildlife photography.

Edwin Towler

Photography plays a large part in my life, as does wildlife, as does the pub. So I well and truly left my comfort zone and designed a camera accessory to help photograph wildlife. Then I went to the pub.

My work tends to focus on developing compact, self contained forms with elements specifically designed to provoke delight. This is to encourage people to enjoy using the designs and to not take everything too seriously - to celebrate the calculated wit and retained functionality that design can facilitate. Admittedly, this has resulted in a lot of my designs resembling whales. I do not see this as a bad thing. Career wise, I am aware that I hold a somewhat romantic view of what entrepreneurship can entail without a wholly accurate appreciation of the risks and consequences involved. I am excited to fully embrace this blissful ignorance; wish me luck.


'19 Diploma in Professional Studies


Freelance photographer / videographer, 2016 - Present.

August/2017 - August/2018

Industrial Designer at Urbis Schréder