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Express mode option allows users to refresh their clothes in 15 minutes



Users infrequently need to refill the water tank due to the internal water recycling system. This product has reduced water use – an issue prevalent with conventional clothes cleaning methods



Steam rises through the vent to remove odours, dirt and freshen items between wears

Emily Russell

A passionate and determined individual who is committed to designing solutions to real world problems.

I thoroughly enjoyed the versatile nature of my placement year, working as part of a team to design products, services and experiences for a variety of client briefs. My year in industry gave me the opportunity to learn and practise different skills – whether that be in-depth research, ideas generation, CAD development, rapid prototyping or visualisation. Alongside consultancy work, I spent my time communicating with manufacturers; managing stock levels and customer orders; and talking to specifiers and stockists about our products, all providing me with an overview of how a design business is run. The skills learnt and developed from my time in industry have proved invaluable in my final year at university. After graduation, I endeavour to continue developing as a product designer to create new, innovative and meaningful solutions to real problems.


’19 Diploma in Professional Studies ’17 O2 – UX Concept Shortlisted ’14 United Learning Design Technology Award

June 2017 - September 2018

’18 V2 Studios – Product Designer ’18 Vitamin – Product Designer