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Edward Cotterell

Industrial Design and Technology

Edward Cotterell

Just under 50% of the UK population are prescribed prescription pills each year that they are to take every day for long periods of time or possibly for the rest of their life. Some people find this difficult to integrate this into their daily routine, especially when they are suffering from the early stages of memory loss conditions such as dementia. I aim to produce an automated pill dispensing device that aids the user in ensuring they take their medication.

I am a highly motivated, committed individual with a passion for creating innovative solutions for use in real life situations. Throughout the design process in every project I undertake, I ensure that what I am designing is user centered and meaningful. My year long work placement has taught me to work fast and effectively whilst still being able to maintain a high quality of work, an attribute I have been able to carry forward into my final year.

July 2017 - July 2018

Hytex Exhibition Stand Design