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Daniel Scarff image 4

High quality surface model of a kickboard redesign, featuring flexible rubber grips. This model has been optimised for a multi-material additive manufacturing process.

Daniel Scarff image 5

Using embedded electronics and mechanical analysis, this automatic coffee machine prototype features an integrated sensor system to ensure the safety of the user and quality of coffee output.

Daniel Scarff

A logical thinker and coffee drinker, that likes to tinker.

During my time at Loughborough, I successfully completed a vast range of projects, from designing injection mould tools to coding and building working prototypes. I believe that my strengths lie in my approach to complex problems, as I understand that the key to creating innovative solutions is to work from the root upwards, keeping the user at the heart of your thinking. For me, design is about function before form and the beauty of good design is in the finer details, the ones a user may initially miss. Good design should delight, intrigue and beyond all else, improve the user’s life. This has caused me to develop a keen interest in design for manufacture and prototyping. With my ability to produce high quality CAD models, intricate working prototypes and user centred designs, I believe that I am well suited to a career within the design and manufacturing industry.


'19 Diploma in Professional Studies


'18 Loughborough Students Lifesaving Club - Development Squad Captain '16 Design School - Course Representative

06/17 - 06/18

ESP Fitness - Product Design Engineer