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Dominic Morris

I am an Industrial Designer looking to rethink the way products are designed with a more artistic approach.

I aim to design sculptural and aesthetically-focused products, reinventing the structural capabilities of each project I undertake. Therefore, my main strengths come through sketching, model-making and general hands-on activities. Design for me should be playful, visually enticing and improve people's everyday lives. My work tends to be unconventional yet interesting in its configurations. Working for Pavegen, I realised that I like working in an environment which allows me to fully engage with others in a creative way. I found I was most comfortable when brainstorming and ideating, updating, actualising concepts and connecting with like-minded people. I aim to involve myself in the creative industry. My goal is to work for myself by creating and managing my own company, sustained by new thinking and constantly improving my creative potential.


Work experience at Pavegen Systems 2017-2018. Work experience with an Artist 2018.