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Doug Marriott

There is an abundance of acceptable design in the world. Design that simply does what it is meant to do, accepting the immediate and adequate solution. But I believe design can be so much more than that. It can be exhilarating, adventurous and completely break the mould of what we thought we knew. I don't work hard on my design work so that I can earn more money but because I genuinely love coming up with concepts and have found a field where I can make a difference.

My off the beaten path approach to concept generation and development is my largest strength. I have a strong ambition to become a production designer and move into the film industry. I am fascinated how these designers can craft every element of an imaginary world to help immerse the audience in their vision. I learned a great deal during my exchange both in Delft and in Sydney. Not only did I discover how other countries approach design problems. I got a true insight into the world and people outside the bubble I knew. For my final year project I created a camera dolly that tracks and follows a skateboarder allowing them to film when it is convenient to them and for as long as they desire. The spherical nature of the device provides maximum damage protection. I have also designed and constructed and electromechanical aeropress coffee machine and have created a pressed plywood desk lamp inspired by the work of Charles and Ray Eames. Dissertation Title: Disaster accommodation; Analysing, improving the design, implementation and maintenance of accommodation for disaster relief victims and refugees.


'18 – Diploma in International Studies TU Delft: University of technology. 14th AUG - 2nd FEB '18 - Diploma in International Studies. UTS: University of Technology Sydney 25th FEB - 8th JUN


'15 – SBFI Hailsham. Workstation design and manufacture