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Charlie Turner

Industrial Design and Technology

Charlie Turner

I am a dedicated team player, with strong organisational, time-management and communication skills, as evidenced by my involvement in project work within my placement year and my participation in the Loughborough Rowing Team.

Skills and strengths: • Design justification - being able to justify my designs gives people confidence and allows them to understand how I solved the problem. • Agile Techniques - able to break down large projects, allowing for a more effective use of other people’s time. It also gives me the ability to understand, and gain clarity, of what is being asked and what needs to be delivered. • Production - increased knowledge of design for manufacture and working with other team members to achieve a desired outcome. • Continuous Testing - Understanding the need for testing to enable successful development of the product. • Not being afraid to fail (fail fast) - the use of iterative design. Gaining a greater understanding of rapid prototyping techniques and 3D printing. • Communication strategy - the need to be inclusive of all stake holders though out the design life cycle.


'19 Diploma in Professional Studies


'16 MWC - CAD Designer

June 2017 - June 2018

'18 Avon Protection - Student Design Engineer