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Courteney Lockley

Women need a way to safely and hygienically dispose of used sanitary waste when in public places, for example in business environments and commercial premises. This product will improve the experience of dealing with a period in public and will allow women to dispose of their waste without being subjected to infections, visually dirty bins, and foul smells.

My time at Loughborough Design School has been extremely memorable. Through the three years I have spent in Loughborough, I have realised my strengths, but also my weaknesses and I have been able to work on these through various projects. The skills which I have gained, for example sketching, prototyping, Computer-Aided Design and UX design, are invaluable and have helped me to learn to design and develop innovative, user-centred products. Working at Prod Designs for a year provided me with the opportunity to utilise and develop some of my skills in the design industry. These were core skills which could have only been gained with experience. I learnt how to work alongside various clients from different areas within the design industry and how to design under pressure and strict time limits. I also became proficient in Illustrator and in other design software. Studying Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough University has pushed me further and further towards my goal of becoming a designer. This has been an ambition of mine since the age of fourteen. I now feel confident enough to graduate from the Design School and to pursue my goal further. I am looking to work for a design consultancy, where I would have the chance to work on a wide range of projects, practicing all of my skills.


'17 UX O2 Shortlisted Project '18 Diploma in Professional Studies

August 2017 - July 2018

Prod Designs - Designer