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Memor enables people living in tiny homes to better store their memories in a more meaningful and physical way and let them relive their oldest memory.

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A fully functional electro-mechanical AeroPress machine designed and fabricated from the ground up. It allows the user to have a variable brew time in one second increments and automatic stirring.

Pete Chiewhawan

I am a multicultural creative with a passion for design. I enjoy problem solving and the euphoric feeling you get when the solution achieves its goal. My Final Year Design Project is a system which allows for the tracking of individual's energy consumption within a shared student house. The system comprises of a smart sensor which tracks user's consumption throughout their home and a base unit which represents that data in a physical manner.

Having helped push a family of smart home devices into the market during my year in the industry, I have gained a wide range of skills such as UX/UI design; design for manufacturing; suppliers’ relations; packaging design and built on my existing industrial design ability. During my final year, I have also developed my electronics prototyping and embedded system design skills using the PIC and Arduino platform by designing and making a fully functional electromechanical AeroPress machine; and creating the functional prototype for my final year project. My time at Loughborough University has made me become an extremely versatile designer with the capability to jump into a variety of projects and quickly adapt to many situations. This, and the ability to quickly learn new skills are what I believe to be my biggest strengths as a designer.


'19 Diploma in Professional Studies


Product Design Freelancer

06/2017 - 09/2018

EDMI Europe Limited