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'Pul' is a product which aims to better the wellbeing of brides in India by improving the connection between them and their family once they leave the family home.

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‘Halo 3D’ is a personal learning aid for dyslexic students. It uses cutting edge technology to create an immersive, multi-sensory learning experience to optimise the user’s attention and retention.

Benjamin Smith

I am a hardworking, highly motivated and creative industrial designer with a passion for creating minimalistic, clean solutions to real world problems.

My designs are simplistic and aesthetically pleasing, whilst providing effective solution to the problem at hand. My strengths lie in creative thinking and communication of ideas through sketching and model making. I am proficient at Solidworks and Adobe Creative Suit as well as other CAD software such as key shot and sketch up. I enjoy working in a team and regard myself as highly organised and adaptable. Design is a passion of mine and I aim to use all the skills I have gained at Loughborough university and carry them into a successful career in industry.


'19 Diploma in Profesional Studies


Pavegen Systems Ltd - August 17 / February 18

February 2018 - August 2018

M integrated solutions