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Noma helps users check for potential melanomas or cancerous areas in the comfort of one's home. Noma sits in the bathroom and takes photos which corresponds with the app to help guide the user.



The app can be used to upload scans or pictures between patient and doctor to relieve stress and distress to users by allowing users to stay in the comfort of their own home.

Amanda-Jayne Gow

This project reflects my interest in a sustainable future and design. I created a product that facilitates the reduction of landfill and the usage of waste in order to cultivate instead of ignoring our environmental issues.

Being the first one to admit that Industrial Design of products is not my forte, my major project has allowed me to explore my passion of Interior Design. I enjoy looking for emerging trends and creating pallettes which was facilitated by my time at an interior workplace company on placement. I was able to create a project which not only is purposeful and helping to sustain our environment but also keeping a beautiful thing within the home. Personally, I thrive in creating schemes and palettes for clients. Using texture, colour and material in order to develop the best outcome according to taste, suitability and budget. I hope to become an Interior Designer, experiencing all fields before finding my niche, whether it be commercial, hospitality or residential. I would like to create fresh, visionary spaces for people to live, work and enjoy.


'19 Diploma of Professional Studies '16 Starpack Packaging Competition- Highly Commended

June/2017 - June/2018

Design Intern at Area, Fourfront Group