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A device that automates the coffee making process of an Aeropress. Programmed in C, the device produces the perfect cup of coffee according to the user's preference.

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A sustainable solution to keep cooked food warm in homes. It utilizes an infrared heat lamp that has a longer life span and consumes less power.

Adele Tong

While awake bruxism often occurs unconsciously, the device detects bruxism (teeth grinding) through jaw muscle movements and brings the condition to the user's awareness. The device employs biofeedback to help break the habit in the long term.

With my recent work focusing on health-related issues, I hope to be able to improve people's well-being through design in the future. I believe by bridging technology with design problems, better solutions could be created. My ability to sketch, CAD, prototype and code have enabled me to handle technical parts of various projects, while my language skills have helped me through sourcing of suppliers and manufacturers during production stages.


'18 UXathon Best Prototype Award


Mabu Design - Product Design Intern (07/2018 - 09/2018)

08/2017 - 07/2018

Ooni - Product Design Intern