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Babble - university talking service

Babble - university talking service

Babble is a de-stigmatising & highly accessible university talking service. The Babble product are pre-installed clocks onto student accommodations, this reminds students that whenever they need to have a casual talk with somebody it's easy as a tap of their phone to connect to the service.

Aiziel Nazario

Children with visual impairments struggle to naturally develop motor skills and require specialist training to enable effective development to take place. The proposed system provides specialist motor skills training through the gamification of body movements in time with rhythm. The solution aims to motivate visually impaired children and make training more enjoyable and engaging, making a positive impact on their physical abilities and future independence.

Ever since I started my journey as a designer the two main passions in my life were to create beautiful things and helping others. Design lets me do these things by designing aesthetically pleasing products that evoke delight within users that ultimately aims to solve real human problems. Design has always helped other people’s day to day lives and I aspire to be an industrial designer to be a part of that. Having experienced a user experience focused placement for a year. I apply these skills learnt into my industrial design process to effectively design for human needs: in-depth research with users to discover a real human need or problem, organise team brainstorms to generate innovative ideas, attention to detail of both the product and the experience for the user.


'19 Diploma in Professional Studies


'18 Red Ninja - UX Designer (Aug 2017 - May 2018) A small start-up company that provided me with the responsibility to lead two projects for clients. This led me to learn to be highly pro-active, manage other people effectively and effectively work as a professional with clients.

Jun 2018 - Sep 2018

'18 IBM - Extreme Blue UX Designer An Extreme Blue 12 week internship. Worked with a team that focused on a project for Virgin Media, undertaking the role of both project manager and designer in a multidisciplinary team of 4.