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Amy Kelly

Globally, 285 million people have a visual impairment (RNIB). Cooking on the hob is a challenge for visually impaired people, leading to burns or dependence on convenience foods. This reduction of independence in their own home is degrading. My design allows visually impaired users to rely on tactile references and high contrast to navigate and cook on the hob with ease.

As a designer I always strive to produce meaningful products and enhance the user experience. I enjoy being involved in the design process from beginning to end. The concept phase of the design process is where my skills lie. Market research, brainstorming and initial prototyping excite me, enabling me to collaborate within a team until we develop the optimum solution. My strength in sketch visualisation and 3D modelling help visualise and identify possible flaws or improvement in a design. During my study I have always enjoyed the physical part of the design process, developing an idea through concept sketching to initial sketch models all the way to high quality visual prototype. Having a physical model to interact with is a key communication method between the designer and the client. Completing my placement year in Delft, undertaking a minor in advanced prototyping, exposed me to a variety of prototyping methods and allowed me to experience a variety of materials and processes. I was able to use these methods, with confidence, when I moved to Spark design & innovation as an intern. I feel design should be used as a tool to improve society and inspire innovation in daily life. I want to be involved in projects that promote this attitude.


18' Diploma in International Studies


17' TU Delft Erasmus Exchange (6 months) Minor in Advanced Prototyping

Feburary 2018 - August 2018

18' Spark Design & Innovation - Rotterdam