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Alexander Brown

Hello I am Alex, an enthusiastic industrial designer, with a strong interest in exploring the future of music industry and the role technology can play in the shaping the way users share, listen and enjoy their music.

My project has been focusing on understanding how the rapid development of digital technology has transformed the way in which music listeners enjoy their music collections, and looking at how this can be improved to provide a more immersive listening experience. My design focuses on creating a revolutionary new music storage format which combines the tactile interaction of a vinyl record or CD jewel case with the modern convenience of digital music storage, creating a hybrid design for the future of the music industry. Over the duration of my studies I have gained a diverse knowledge of skills in a range of design fields including sustainable design, design for manufacture and user experience design. I have gained strong working knowledge of CAD, graphic design and digital & physical prototyping skills which have all been utilised during the production of my final outcome. My career aim is to enter the industrial design field, starting in a respectable design team where I can gain a good selection of transferable skills across a range of disciplines to continue building my skills. With the aim to progress through to running a a design team in later years, I am interested in focusing on music or entertainment products. I am a fast learner with a strong desire to continue learning and honing my skills to become a well rounded designer with many transferable skills. I have a strong working knowledge of creating interactive digital user interfaces and prototypes.


Work experience at McLaren, MSO division Work experience at Disperse.IO