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Mist - Design Week Project

Mist - Design Week Project

A sustainable and user friendly solution to ironing in humid areas. It combines the technology of a dehumidifier and a steamer to provide an easy ironing experience (not in collaboration with Dyson).

Alberto Barragán

The goal of this project is to encourage the user to improve ACL recovery and adherence to their rehabilitation. Working on this project has challenged me to create a product that requires extreme functionality due to its medical purpose, with all its rules and limitations, and yet feature a beautiful design that is both elegant and intuitive.

I consider myself an incredibly fortunate designer, being raised in an international background from my Spanish-Portuguese parentage in Luxembourg and having an aptitude for building and sketching. I was given the opportunity to study at one of the top universities in the UK for design, where I was encouraged to push myself to learn and apply new skills to my design process. The work I developed over the first two years of study led to me gaining an internship with Studio F.A. Porsche, followed by one with Crux Product Design. Whilst both companies focused on design consultancy, they targeted different markets with their respective design approaches. Studio F.A. Porsche introduced me to design within consumer markets, retrospectively Crux Product design gave me an insight into medical design. Upon graduation, I intend to pursue design consultancy as the variation of projects allows me to develop myself as a more informed designer.


'19 Diploma in Professional Studies


'16 Design School - Student Committee

09/2017 - 08/2018

'18 Crux Product Design - Product Designer '17 Studio F.A. Porsche - Product Design Intern